Sunday, December 12, 2010

Better than a day in front of a computer

Damn skippy.

However, I was not having my best shoot.

I am trying to get my Advanced Combat Optic (ACOG) battle-sight zeroed. It was a pain in the ass. First off, I am still used to iron sights (these new fangled optics are still pretty new to me); second, I had not BZO-ed my rifle since I got it, and it required a lot of adjustment; third, doing it with gear on - pretty important since that's how I would be coming to the fight - is not NEARLY as natural as I am used to. And finally, we were rushed for time to finish up before we had to go cold on the range. In short, while I had a great time, it was not my best performance.

But far better than ANY day in the office. And you can quote me.


  1. omg, u are my next husband.

  2. So, talk to him directly. He needs some TLC other than from his old man.