Friday, October 1, 2010

No pics in Kuwait, but this was where I spent my time in Bagram, waiting for a C-130 lift. The top container on the right is a pre-fab living unit, referred to as a "can". Inside, had a bed, a wardrobe, lights, A/C, desk, even a window cut in the side. Pretty good living, to be honest. Bagram was a tremendously busy, overpopulated base with all services, all very bizarre. Every different service, coming and going, heavy traffic along the main circular road, some in workout clothes walking around, some not, some saluting, some not, Third Country Nationals (TCNs, i.e. Pakis, Serbs, etc.) all over the place, etc., etc., etc...

I was happy to be away from the place. It stressed me out.

While I was only there for a couple of days, and by no means even saw a fraction of the base, my sense was that it was 95% admin/logistics, 5% warfighter. To the Marines out there, it felt a lot like TQ, but busier and more chaotic. Not demeaning admin/log folks at all, but my experience has always been very heavy on the warfighters, with the admin/log guys there to support that element.

A 30 min C-130 flight at 2100 solved that problem, and I landed at Kabul Airfield before I even had time to fall asleep. The Marine I am relieving - Maj Bron Roeder - was there to meet me at the terminal, helped load up the gear into the armored Toyota LandCruiser, and within 30 minutes, I was sitting in my hootch on the Embassy grounds, wondering what the hell had just happened.

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