Friday, October 1, 2010

Brush with greatness

I have a lot more substantial stuff to write about, but this one is too good, and I'll forget it in a few days.

I was leaving my hootch this morning around 0715, with full gear on (flak, rifle, pistol, etc.). I step out of my door and turn around to pull and verify it is closed, and 30 feet away headed in my direction are about eight people our for a early morning run. I've seen small groups of two or three running, but none this large; it's just too unwieldy in a tight area such as we live in.

"Well, who the #$*& is this?" I thought, remaining in place to avoid getting trampled.

When they got to the 10 feet away mark, I realized it was General Petraeus and his entourage, probably including a couple of guys less than pleased to see me standing there with a pistol and a long gun.

I managed to get out a "Good morning, sir" just as he came abreast of me, but failed to render a salute due to the speed of the event.

"Good morning," he returned as he jogged past, turned to the left, and was gone.

I have heard absolutely nothing but good things about this man. Nice to start the day off with a brush with greatness.

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